by John Burnett

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Here it is, and not a moment too soon! My second album has arrived! I think you will find it to be much more professional-sounding, as well as containing better music. Not that I'm dismissing the last album, but this one should have you hooked!
As I type this, only half of the album is actually finished, but I set myself a deadline so that the music doesn't fall too far back in my priorities.
Please do give my music a try; I can't guarantee that you'll like it, but I have a wide variety of influences, which I hope comes across in the music.
If you follow the link to my YouTube channel, you can find a culmination of all my complete projects.
My YouTube Channel


released 10 April 2014

John Burnett - Everything! Every instrument, every vocal, every piece of programming, editing and mastering; he did it all!

Recorded at
Bedroom Studios, Scotland



all rights reserved


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John Burnett UK

My music is for the sheer pleasure of the listener, be it my good self or anyone else in this whole darn world. It's inspiration is derived from everywhere and anywhere in my life, which encompasses everything I take in with the thirteen senses. I like books, music, art, food, vintage technology and foreign cultures; all of which, I hope, are reflected in my work. ... more

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Track Name: Witch Country
Rain is falling all around,
There's dark shadows on the ground,
I can sense it in the air,
The sun's shining somewhere

How did I get here, and where did I go?
Show me a way out, there must be a road

Storm-clouds gather in the sky,
Like a blanket, oh so high
There's no telling where I came
Will things ever be the same?

How did I get here, and where did I go?
Show me a way out, there must be a road
Track Name: Crusade in A minor
A hundred times ago, when the years were slow, and the sun shone down in the valley,
A thousand horses break in the shoes that wake in the sand that rained from the shalley,
If the sky was brown, and the lords looked down on the ground that crumbled beneath us,
A million tears would fall, and a voice would call "my dear brother, oh why must you leave us?"

A hundred times ago, don't let the mothball show, all my close friends, they soon will discover
A dark and dreadful fate, and when the years are late the time will come for them to uncover
That in the deepest hours, and in the darkest flowers, a titan rises out of the ages,
For the chapters grow, but no-one else can know the numbers of the very final pages

A thousand times to go, follow the sacred doe, invest a little bit of self-conviction
Cook up potato bake, perhaps whip out a cake, intake a dash of suggested direction
Align your compass now, lead you to sacred cow, and give you some sensation of perplexion
Just get your target right, keep aiming through the night, don't be late for your flanging evasion
Track Name: Oriental Incidental
Wake up in the back of a double-decker bus - I cannot see clearly
My eyes focus, I see a real strange sight - so many peasants 'round me
Through a steamy window I see I'm going the wrong way, so I get up and head for the stairs
All the peasants grab for my sleeves - I make a run for it - I slip and I fall down the stairs
The bus jerks to a stop, so I bust the door and run through the streets
A dozen black cars pull over, out comes the mafia - they're looking for me
I hide in an alleyway where nobody can see any of me

So there I was, in the alleyway, but what sort of luck is this?
My path is block by some hooded ninjas
"So who are you?" they said to me,
I said "I'm John"
they said "No you're not"
And they challenged me to a duel
They put up pretty good a fight, but I was stronger and I beat them
Because they put me up against a girl
They were all about my age; it turns out I'm identical to their villain
"Please tell me more about him..."

"Fear the ground he treads on!
"Rue his very name!
"See the sky above him;
"Relish the rain"

Dear oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear
I'm afraid this story us over for now, so goodbye! Goodbye!
Track Name: Intermission
Hello to everybody who's listening, and congratulations for appreciating my music, which exists as music should be - that is, as an art form - rather than what the media thinks it should be; which is, a method for sexually arousing young people in order to alter their perception of the world to a degree from which they are perfectly willing to throw all their money away to - and submit their creative souls to - said media.

In an almost hypocritical turn of events, let us examine my own debaucherous ways with a little ballad about my days in the old land of Bogden; five hundred leagues east of the river Scrag! There I met a mysterious dame who looked just like the Prince of Wales! She called herself the Ace of Spades, which had become standard procedure since the March of the Black Queen had fallen out of style in favour of the Funky Chicken naturist movement.
Track Name: Ace of Spades
She talks like a nightingale,
Slowly glides like the wind in the sails
I know her name, and she is the Queen of Spades

She tells me things I'd like to know,
I take her places we'd like to go,
And though I know, she's only the Queen of Spades

Please don't tell me I'm only dreaming,
I don't need to here what I already know
But let me tell you something, buddy,
You only dream that which you know

So this is farewell, the morning calls,
One day we'll meet again,
I'll be me, and you'll be the Queen of Spades
Track Name: Into the Slaughterhouse
When you're gone, do you think you'll still feel any pain?
Have you tried seeing things that way?
When you're gone - I wont see you anymore

Once again, we are left only to wonder when
Though it's only a matter of time
Every time - we run out of time

Only now, we begin to see exactly how
We forgot the reason in the cloud
Only now - but you still wonder how

So this is final goodbyes now we're in the midst,
And yet still, you sit there asking him
So this is - this is why we wonder why
Track Name: Goodbye
Our time is up and this is goodbye,
There's not really much else to say, so please don't you cry